Rivini International Wine Festival = news

Posted on 11 novembre 2014


Last Saturday, the organising partners of Rivini, the International Wine Festival of the Riviera met in Ventimiglia (Massimo Sacco, Bradley Mitton, Luca Giovanetti and Giancarlo Orengo). We have discussed the wine show as local Italian bureaucracy is really slowing down a number of key elements in the organisation of the festival.


We’ve discussed the Master Classes and until now we have : Rod Smith MW, Ali Hedayat ( Cote Azur Sommelier President);Dominique Millardi ( Le Meridien Hotel Montecarlo), Elizabeth Gabbay, and we’ve nearly filled up the classes… however without a final contract from the municipality in Ventimiglia, we can’t commit to the location; the train is running, we’re moving on and the Italians have to get on board or we’re going on without them and we’ll use another location in the city.


Many internationals wineries are enthusiastic to participate. Several sommeliers from France have already told us, “finally we have a professional and unique wine festival on the Cote Azur”. Many other locations have been offered to us and many are easier to manage than the fortress ……but what is important is the proximity of Ventimiglia, the location so close to Monaco; especially the Fortress, and the easy access. A sommelier from Monaco can be at the fortress in 20 minutes tasting wines, from France maybe it shall be slightly longer but still easy to get there and of course, the beauty and view at the location is second to none on the coast. Azur skies and one of Rome’s most important fortresses brings together a great venue for an international wine festival. Ventimiglia and the Forte Annuziata are strategic locations and within in a few km you may reach three countries; Italy, France and Monaco. Two international airports – Nice and Genova, excellent connections with trains and buses. So this is a perfect place! Join us… http://www.rivini.eu