Bradley tasting Castello delle Regine

Posted on 9 aprile 2014


Baradley Mitton tasting wines. He starts from Italy and Umbria, a region close to Tuscany, where you can find amazing Sangiovese. Bradley is very well know as one of the best new world’s wine connoiseur. He currently tavels around Europe to organise tasting in the best location: Montecarlo, Marbella, Milan, Berlin, Parague, Geneva, Düsseldorf,Rome, Barcelone,Warsaw, Bratislava with his club Vivanova, and Brad’s Wine. Castello delle Regine is within the Italian DOC of Amelia in Umbria. Amelia is located near the industrial city of Terni, principally noted for its steel mills, in the southernmost part of Umbria. Agriculture has never been of major significance in the local economy even if an occasional private estate and the cooperative winery of the zone, which gave its name to the Amelia doc appellation, have offered wines that indicate that the soil and climate present possibilities and potentials that are waiting to be fully developed and realized. These have now assumed a concrete form in the wines of Castello delle Regine, a major project which got under way in the first half of the 1990’s and has begun to yield its fruits – and very satisfying ones at that – in the new millennium. Sizeable investments have led to the planting of 80 hectares of vineyards which compete with the many other attractions of the spot: a charming relais to host visitors, centuries- old olive trees, herds of cattle which feature the prized Chianina breed and horses trained for fox hunting. But it is the wines that are the main focus of the estate’s work and they have been entrusted to the highly professional hands, and mind, of Franco Bernabei, for thirty years one of the consultants who has regularly supervised the production of outstanding wines in many regions of Italy.